Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Refurbished Coaches

Worn corners and faded colors are all part of the normal long life of a classic Coach all leather purse. Lately here at the shop we have been refurbishing old Coach purses that folks bring in, and they have come out great! For $14-18 you can bring your bag back to life and restore color to those worn areas.
Also we have been buying old Coach bags and refurbishing them for resale. Stop down and check out the great styles we've found. Coach bags can last for years, and these are in their prime. For $55-$89 you can have your own.
So don't run out and drop $300 on a bag that says Coach, but is only made from vinyl and fabric. Either refurbish your old one or come get a reasonable priced "new" one from us.

Matt @ Xenia Shoe
Shoe Repair and Shoe Store

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another 5finger article

I just got done with Born to Run.

When we picked up Vibram Five Fingers as a brand, it was more on a feeling than anything. But the stories AND the scientific research in the book really point to these "shoes" being a smart thing to wear and run in. Crazy.

Excellent book BTW, really great story line once you dive into it.

But my real reason for the post is to link you in to an article in the NY Times. It is a short version of the Born to Run analysis of the running shoe industry. It is worth reading.
Matt @ Xenia Shoe