Friday, August 7, 2009

The Next FiveFinger installment!

Ok, this ones for the ladies (they do have a similar version for men though). The Performa has the same fit as a Vibram Classic, but is made with Perforated Smooth Kangaroo Leather. It also has a good bit less sole material. The picture doesn't show, but there is no sole in the arch area. Another difference (a major plus in my book) is a velcro tab to hold the drawstring down.
As far as activities this model is best for, Vibram recommends Indoor Fitness pursuits like CrossFit, Yoga, as well as for Travel and as an After Sport shoe. You could also shine them up and wear them as a dress shoe...
Again, look for this model in Early to Mid-Sept right here at Xenia Shoe.
And feel free to comment on this model. There is definately some concern about durability here in the shop. I think the Kangaroo leather and gentler use still make this a great choice for more casual wear.
That's it for today! Check out next week for a men's model!
Matt @ Xenia Shoe
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Five Fingers for Fall and Spring 2010!!!

There are some exciting developments from Vibram on the horizon!
We just said goodbye to our FiveFingers rep who showed us what is coming this September, as well as in February. I wish I could post pictures, but I think it is forbidden!

Ah, what the heck. I can at least show you the styles we'll have in a month, right? I'll do it in installments, and here's the first.

The Men's KSO Trek is my biggest surpirse! Kangaroo Suede/Leather upper (Kangaroo is very soft and light, but quite durable. I know I know, poor little kangaroos.), light lug sole, and a 4 mm EVA insole for some added protection from rocks. If you have run on or hiked trails, you know that you have to be quite careful of what you step on. This should allow you to stay connected to the trail, have the natural movement in your foot, and get the instant protection you need to make a trail run/hike comfortable.
The one major bummer is there aren't any for ladies just yet. We'll keep you updated though.
Look for these in early to mid September!
AND tell us what you think! Is this actually a good idea? Is Vibram getting away from their purist roots? Feel free to post a response, or wait until tomorrow to see more new styles that will address that idea!
-Matt @ Xenia Shoe
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