Saturday, February 11, 2012

Repairing an antique... letter opener?

Many things were made from leather in the past. Often we have special items that have been passed down to us, but have never really been taken care of. Many cherished but uncared for items come our way. In this case, we  were asked to repair the leather sheath of a dagger (ok, it was a little smaller than a dagger, but YOU can't tell from the photo, can you?).  Feel free to send pictures of any items that might need some help.

Notice the crack across the original.

Our replacement

Poor thing. But now it is back in shape.

Customized boots: Sailor Moon?!?!

We do a good bit of customization here at Xenia Shoe and Leather.
 Latest was the tweaking of the top cuff on these boots to make turn them into a more authentic Sailor Moon costume boot.
Check out the final product as part of the costume on Facebook.

Boot came over the knee originally

The full original.

The angled leather cuff created by our very own Rob.
The final product
Another view of Rob's seamwork. They came out great.