Friday, March 28, 2008

The Vibram KSO

This is the latest style from Vibram. It is an upgrade from the Sprint model, but not an upgrade in price. It still has the same razor-cut vibram outsole and anti-microbial treated footbed, but in this model there is an instep strap that runs continuosly around the heel, so you can tighten it with one pull.
This model is meant to do what it's name implies- KEEP STUFF OUT. The point is to keep crud from trail and water use from getting down under your foot. It includes a sewn-in, stretchy mesh piece that extends up to your ankle.
We currently carry this style in the Taupe color for ladies AND men.
Questions about this model? Call us at 9373768156 or leave a post!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vee- bram!!!

We just wanted to make you all aware of a particularly American pronunciation mistake.
After selling Vibram repair products for 25 years, we just heard that the name does NOT contain a long I sound, but instead is pronounced Vee-bram.
Whether or not we at XSLR will adopt this has yet to bee seen. or heard.
If you have any pronunciation questions, feel free to give us a call M-F 9:30-6 Sat 9:30-4 EST

Take a look at the Sprint

This is the next level of "shoe" from Vibram, with a strapping system to secure it to your foot. Besides the instep strap you can see in the picture, it also has 2 straps that wrap around the heel, completing the fit.
I have had a pair of these for the past 2 months and have found the straps functional and comfortable. The straps are actually stitched on the edges in such a way that you can trim them if they are too long. I have been wearing a Birkenstock 3/4 length footbed inside these when I wear them around our shop in an effort to help as I stand on our hard floors. It has worked fairly well, and the strapping helps keep my foot locked in to the support.
I do not think the support is necessary if you are going to be using them for more active endeavors versus a fairly our stationary work environment!
This model runs $79.95. We carry this model for men in the Red and the Taupe, and for ladies in the Bright Blue as well as a color called Slate. The Slate is not found on the Vibram webpage, it is a light blue/grey with a green highlight between the toes.
If you have any questions about this shoe, what sizes or colors we have available in your size, or anything else shoe related, give us a call M-F 9:30-6 Sat. 9-4 EST 9373768156
-Matt @ XSLR

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Highlighting the Vibram Five Fingers styles we carry: The Classic

The Classic is the simplest style from Vibram. It offers the same razor-cut (like a boat shoe --really grippy on wet smooth surfaces) Vibram rubber outsole as the other models, the same anti-microbial treatment on the footbed, the same 5 individual toe pockets that make it unique. The big difference is the elastic drawstring closure which can be tightened at the back.
As far as recommended uses, Hiking, Running, Fitness, Boating, and Canoeing are all included. You may prefer the Sprint or KSO if you want more security, but these should be great for everything but the most rigorous activity.
These are not recommended if you want to add an arch support inside, so definately upgrade to the other models.
Our shop is carrying this model in Black/Black for Men and Women, Grey/Orange for Men (seen above), Mauve/Sand for ladies. They run $69.95 per pair.
If you'd like to talk about Vibram's new "shoes", including fit and what sizes we have available, give us a call at 9373768156.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We've got Five Fingers!

Five Fingers is the latest shoe from Vibram. Known as the maker of the best soling materials for all types of shoes, Vibram made the break into the shoe industry last year with this new outdoor shoe with TOES.
Made for general outdoor use, Five Fingers are a second skin for your feet wherever you want to take them.
Xenia Shoe currently carries three models; the Classic, the Sprint, and the KSO (Keep Stuff Out).
Check them out at, or stop in the shop and try one on for yourself.