Friday, May 21, 2010

Lower your motorcycle? How about liftin your shoes!?

Is your motorcycle too tall for you? Thinking about getting a lowering kit for your bike?

How about just making your shoes a little TALLER?

We do lifts on shoes all the time. Sometimes just adding 1/2" to the sole of each shoe can make all the difference in whether or not you can reach the ground comfortably when stopped.

Prices are $76 per pair for 1/2" or less, $32 per pair for each additional inch. And obviously we can do any distance in between.

As far as the method goes, we can usually split most soles in half, preserving your tread. We can also attach new Vibram tread if you would so desire.

If this is something you need, then here's what you should do:
Take some phone books or 2x4s and see how much "lift" would make things comfortable. Then make sure you can fit that thick of a shoe under the shifter. Next take a few pictures of you shoe and send them to us at, so we can tell you if we could do it or not (usually we can). Lastly, go to our website and use our free shipping label to send them to us. Turnaround is 1-2 weeks, unless you need them faster.

Feel free to call us at 888-227-0659 or email if you have any questions.