Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Five Fingers Lifestyle package.

I just went for a barefoot run this morning. Just a mile or so.
I would have worn my Vibram Sprints but I took my family to hike around in the muck and rain at Hills and Dales Metropark in Oakwood, and now they are soaked and dirty.

Which brings me to the Lifestyle Package. It sounds corny, I know. But I have been thinking; If you really start to believe that "barefoot movement" is the way to go, you really need multiple pairs of Vibram Five Fingers (and an array of socks too). But who wants to run down to their local shoe store and buy 3 pair of shoes and 5 pair of socks all at once? Well, a shoe store owner might want YOU to do it, but the average Joe or Jane would say nope.

But Vibram Five Fingers and the idea of more barefoot movement can be kind of a life change.

So we are here to help.

Starting now, if you buy any 3 pair of Vibram Five Fingers and any 5 pair of Injinji socks, we'll give you 20% off your whole order.

So, say you work in a more progressive office and like to paddle on weekends. SO now you can get a deal on 2 pair of Classics to rotate at work and socks to go with them, and then grab a Sprint for the weekends.

Or you do CrossFit and work in a little more formal (stuffy) environment. Get two pairs of Sprints to wear for your workouts, and then a KSO to wear casually on weekends.

Sound like a plan? 3 pair of Five Fingers, 5 pair of Injinji socks- 20% off.
Matt @ Xenia Shoe

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Going Barefoot!

Shoe stores talking about barefoot?
Well, we are sure barefoot is for everyone, but getting closer to it just might be.
Check out this Article and Video from NY Times.
There is a glimpse of some Vibram Five Fingers.

Matt @ Xenia Shoe

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crumbling Rocky Boot Resole

Do you have a Rocky hunting boot you just pulled out of the closet, only to find the bottom is cracked and crumbling away?
Never fear, those disintegrating Rockys can be resoled! We tear the old melting / crumbling sole off and sew a thin midsole on, then attach a lightweight Vibram lug.
The job usually runs $65 and takes a week to two weeks.
So check out your closet and make sure things are in shape!
Matt @ Xenia Shoe
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