Thursday, March 27, 2008

Take a look at the Sprint

This is the next level of "shoe" from Vibram, with a strapping system to secure it to your foot. Besides the instep strap you can see in the picture, it also has 2 straps that wrap around the heel, completing the fit.
I have had a pair of these for the past 2 months and have found the straps functional and comfortable. The straps are actually stitched on the edges in such a way that you can trim them if they are too long. I have been wearing a Birkenstock 3/4 length footbed inside these when I wear them around our shop in an effort to help as I stand on our hard floors. It has worked fairly well, and the strapping helps keep my foot locked in to the support.
I do not think the support is necessary if you are going to be using them for more active endeavors versus a fairly our stationary work environment!
This model runs $79.95. We carry this model for men in the Red and the Taupe, and for ladies in the Bright Blue as well as a color called Slate. The Slate is not found on the Vibram webpage, it is a light blue/grey with a green highlight between the toes.
If you have any questions about this shoe, what sizes or colors we have available in your size, or anything else shoe related, give us a call M-F 9:30-6 Sat. 9-4 EST 9373768156
-Matt @ XSLR

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