Friday, April 25, 2008

Xenia Shoe and Leather - Shoe Store to the Nations

What are the chances? 2 ladies from Australia, one now living in the area, one now living in Ireland, came to our shop in search of Vibram Five Fingers. They had seen the Five Fingers on a man in Spain, followed him, took pictures of his shoe (they would have spoke to him, but they didn't speak Spanish!), and have been searching for them since.

As the Irish lady made her purchase, she also called a friend that is currently in Australia (It was 1 AM there, but she knew he wanted a pair!) and picked up a pair for him, too.

Ireland, Spain, Australia, USA, all converging on Xenia Shoe and Leather, Ohio's comfort shoe store for all nations and walks of life.

BTW they bought the Five Fingers Classic in Black.

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